Castle Defense 360 is a certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business that was established due to the increase in criminal and terrorist activity. We are Dedicated to the Protection of People, Places and Assets. The time is now to train and prepare yourself, your staff, department and unit, don't wait until you have become a victim.


     We pride ourselves in providing a wide array of training and protective services that exceed industry standards which are available to the general public, all levels  of government, Law Enforcement, 1st Responders and Military. Our team consists of  Military Combat Veterans from Conventional and Special Operations Forces and Law Enforcement backgrounds.


     We believe in the absolute essential need for security solutions that provide services far beyond the traditional security guard and other security related services. We provide a service that is rare in the industry, full spectrum solutions that provide protection using a 360 degree approach, protecting you from the street and beyond.


    Selected to the ASIS Technical committee (TC) that will be developing the Active Assailant Annex to the ASIS/SHRM Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention (WVPI) ANSI Standard. 



Executive Staff

LinkedIn ProfileLinkedIn ProfileTim Easton - Owner / CEO

Security Consultant / Anti-Terrorism Officer

Certifications & Qualifications

Tim is a retired Army Combat Engineer, Combat Veteran with 15 years of active Military experience and many years of high threat operations in austere environments. He is a Subject Matter Expert in Anti-Terrorism, Physical Security, Defensive Position Design and Hardening, Tactics, Training and Leadership. He is a true professional that still has the drive, passion and desire to continue to protect our great country and its citizens. Tim is also a certified, active member of the Greene County Missouri, Community Emergency Response Team. ASIS Member AEA Lifetime Member, Bronze DeFlury Recipient

Don Jordan - Dir of Operations

Security Consultant / Anti-Terrorism Officer

Don has over 26 years military and physical security experience, including aviation security, Anti-Terrorism, force protection, special operations and personnel recovery. Don also has conducted military operations in Operation Iraqi Freedom as a Weapons Squad Leader and has secured mission essential vulnerability areas. Don was a personnel recovery team leader in the only dedicated over-water and overland aviation company in the U.S. Army. He assisted with the training of 3 combat search and rescue teams (CSAR) which was responsible for theater personnel recovery operations.  ASIS Member


Daniel Williams - Dir of Training / Sales

Daniel is a military combat veteran, a former Cavalry Scout with many years of experience training and leading Soldiers in garrison and austere environments. He was the primary gunner on all unit patrols, chosen for his keen eye and lead from the front attitude. After his service, Daniel was a successful, top salesman for 2 companies consistently exceeding his monthly quota and outselling his peers. He has a wealth of sales and marketing knowledge. Purple Heart Recipient.

Robert Wink -Procurement / Contract Writing

Robert is a seasoned procurement and contract writing professional with experience in DHS / FEMA. He has vast experience in reviewing, editing and writing contracts for DHS and FEMA. He is the Owner of Integrity Lion Acquisitions.  

Dominic J. Arcuri - Law Enforcement Liaison

  Dominic is a Physical Security Program Consultant and Situation Awareness Specialist and is a former law enforcement officer and detective in a career offender unit. Additionally, he has several years of providing police and security capacity development services and training programs in developing nations in Europe, Middle East and Africa. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Business and numerous specialized training accomplishments. Dominic is a Certified Situation Awareness Specialist.



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