• We are please and honored to announce that we are now an approved vendor for AT-RISK International. Looking for big things to come.
  • Proud to have been accepted as a volunteer for V4CR. We are very proud and honored to be a part of this amazing and worthwhile cause to help fight and stop child trafficking and many other issue. 
  • We are pleased to announce that we have added another new strategic partner, JBailey Studio. You can find them on our About US page under strategic partners as well as on our Mission Support Page.
  • We have launched another new course titled CD 360 Active Attacker Threat Response Instructor (AATR-I) worth 24 CE's. We offer an ongoing 20% Veteran Discount, 15% Discount in Missouri and a 10% Discount in surrounding states. Contact us today, get a group together and we will come to you. 
  •  Selected to the ASIS Technical committee (TC) that will be developing the Active Assailant Annex to the ASIS/SHRM Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention (WVPI) ANSI Standard. 
  • We are now offering a 30% Victim's Advocacy Discount for our Active Attacker Threat Response course. If you are a victim's advocate that is part of an organization we would like to connect #VICTIMSADVOCACY 
  • We are offering a 10% referral fee for any leads that result in a contract. This is an ongoing program that we will offer until further notice. Get us a solid lead, we will make the sale, sign a contract and pay you your referral fee. 

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This is why we are here, this is why we do what we do, this is why we have the desire and passion for the protection of others. We do this by educating, training, protecting and defending.