Tactical Mission Support

A specialized group of teams providing a wide variety of tactical support services to Military, Law Enforcement, Homeland Security, FBI and other government agencies. All mission support services available to augment agencies by means of a Quick Reaction Force, Cordon and Search and Security during times of civil unrest. We can operate nation wide as well as overseas. We are focused on Anti-Terrorism, Drug and Human Trafficking Interdiction, Border Control, etc. 


  • Intrusion Testing (Red Teaming)
  • Perimeter Defense Design / Base Camp Recon and Design
  • Covert Surveillance / Counter Sabotage
  • Raid / Cordon / Quick Reaction Force 
  • Anti-Terrorism / Counter-Terrorism (Operations and Instructional Support)
  • Tactical Vehicle Operators / Route Recon & Clearing 
  • Explosive Hazards (CIED) Operational and Instructional Support
  • Indigenous Forces Training
  • Static Site Security
  • Entry Control Point Intrusion Testing and Evaluation
  • Drug and Human Trafficking Prevention / Abduction Recovery
  • Crew / Infrastructure Project Security
  • Mobile Security Teams
  • Logistics Security for Trucking Companies & Armored Car
  • Role Player support for large scale exercises

Intelligence and Drone Capabilities Provided by The Unit, LLC 



Training Facilities Maintenance

Provided by Williams Services