If you are interested in joining a team of professionals for a company that is still growing and you want to be an integral part of our growth, please send your resume and a brief bio about yourself and your passion for the industry, by e-mail to t.easton@castledefense360.com.

Access Control Tech

 Quickly assess access control vulnerabilities and recommend effective solutions. Troubleshooting and repairing  defects in alarm and access control systems. Install / replace alarms and access control equipment for but not  limited to; gates, doors, windows.

Fire and Safety inspectors -  Job Description/Duties and responsibilities 

Conduct fire and safety assessments on commercial, residential and government property in order to reduce or eliminate potential fire and safety hazards. Conduct review of and draft policies, procedures and plans

Support Roles

Admin - Sort files, Certificate prep, Student Packet prep,

Role Player - Classroom set up, breakdown and operation (classroom assistant), Scenario preparation (operate air soft weapons safely), Operate video & digital camera Equipment preparation and maintenance,

Marketing - Products, Classes, Protective Services

Personal / Executive Protection Specialis

To closely protect individuals from any potential risks such as terrorism Assessing the premises before your client arrives so that you will have a good head start in the protection of that client Planning a risk assessment of each and every building/event that you are allocated looking for all potential risks that could occur Keeping constantly alert at all times during your shift Communication between yourself and other close protection officers (cpo’s) must be constant Accompanying clients on business and social visits around the Country and also other countries
Driving the client to and from events  

Tactical Instructor for Military and Law Enforcement

To closely teach, coach, mentor individuals to make them more efficient in their duties. Training Courses will be day time, low light, night time operations and span many days Assessing training areas to ensure all systems and training materials are in place and working properly, prepared before students arrive so that you will have an official training environment to start the course Planning a risk assessment of each and every event that you are allocated looking for all potential risks Communication between yourself and other staff members must be constant

Physical Security / Anti-Terrorism Consultant
Evaluate existing physical security posture and systems to determine the potential risk of a breach. The consultant develops policies and procedures that minimize the risk to properties, employees and computer systems. Consultants also provide evaluations and assessments in collaboration with sales staff for the security business.