Active Attacker Threat Response CIV. (AATR - C)
This course designed to train staff & general pubic to prevail in an active attacker incident. Available in 4 & 6 hour sessions.

Certified Security Operations Specialist (CSOS) 24 CE's
This program is a 3 day course developed to provide advanced knowledge & training to the security industry pertaining to security guards and other industry disciplines. It is also ideal for those wishing to break into the industry

Active Attacker Defense for Parishioners (AADP)
This 4 hour course, designed for congregation members to properly react in the event of an active attacker incident and how they can assist a security tea,.

Real Estate Agent Protection Course
This 4 hour course is designed to provide real estate agents the ability to recognize a threat & protect themselves.

Individual Skills Training
This 3 hour, physically demanding course is designed to provide students with basic Tactical offensive defensive skills

Home Defense Training (HDT)
This 3 Hour Home Defense Course teaches best practices when defending your home and protecting your family and includes a home and property assessment.